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 Applies to Eclipse 3.6.1 in the Linux lab machines. Applies to Eclipse 3.6.1 in the Linux lab machines.
-Before installing the ADT plugin, install +Install ​the ADT plugin...
- +
-  * http://​​releases/​helios +
- +
-Then, install ​the ADT plugin...+
   * https://​​android/​eclipse/​   * https://​​android/​eclipse/​
 +If upgrading from an earlier version of Eclipse and/or Android SDK, it may be necessary to delete the cache files ~/.eclipse and ~/.android.
 +Also, ''​adb''​ is now in ''/​p/​android-sdk/​platform-tools''​. ​ The ''​android''​ command is in ''/​p/​android-sdk/​bin''​.
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