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     * [[http://​​about/​staff/​John-Betts|John Betts]], senior lecturer     * [[http://​​about/​staff/​John-Betts|John Betts]], senior lecturer
     * [[http://​​about/​staff/​Bernd-Meyer|Bernd Meyer]], associate professor     * [[http://​​about/​staff/​Bernd-Meyer|Bernd Meyer]], associate professor
 +    * Luke Dawson (<​>​),​ study abroad for USA, Canada, and Latin America
 +    * [[http://​​about/​staff/​Sita-Ramakrishnan|Sita Ramakrishnan]],​ senior lecturer, in charge of software engineering program
 +    * [[http://​​about/​staff/​Caitlin-Slattery|Caitlin Slattery]], manager of academic programs support, including study abroad
   * Materials brought back:   * Materials brought back:
     * Student exchange and study abroad brochures (3)     * Student exchange and study abroad brochures (3)
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