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 +====== Nick's Tasks ======
 +  * Finish installation of conference room scheduling software.
 +  * Create new account and tables for grad student data.  Write script(s) to parse raw Gorman data and upload into database. ​ Create accounts for jtk and trinkle on server and grant access to tables.
 +  * Move emeritus and remaining (Bhargava, Comer, and Kihara) faculty personal pages to new system.
 +  * Consider wiki pages for departmental help pages.
 +  * Modify departmental web pages with CSS mod to support higher quality printing.
 +  * Fix <​nowiki><​div></​nowiki>​ problem on the 500 pages that causes the blue boxes in the right margin to drop to the bottom on small screen widths.
 +  * Add "​webmaster"​ or other directed link on all pages to allow people to report corrections to the right place.
 +  * Update IC relations (with Dan's help), ultimately to allow generation of host table from inventory database.
 +  * Help Charlie with spacial coordinate database work in GVI.
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