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 {{::​jtk-2020-05-02.jpg?​direct&​150 |Portrait of the Author}}\\ {{::​jtk-2020-05-02.jpg?​direct&​150 |Portrait of the Author}}\\
 **John T. (Tim) Korb**\\ **John T. (Tim) Korb**\\
 +//Chief Technology Officer//, [[http://​|RightFit Analytics, Inc.]]\\
 //Retired as Assistant Head//, [[http://​|Purdue]] [[http://​|Computer Science Department]].\\ //Retired as Assistant Head//, [[http://​|Purdue]] [[http://​|Computer Science Department]].\\
 //Member of Board of Directors//,​ [[https://​|Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center]]\\ //Member of Board of Directors//,​ [[https://​|Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center]]\\
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