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Adobe Connect Setup

These are instructions for setting up Adobe Connect to use for AV broadcast of a presentation to a remote viewing room. Specific definitions…

  • LWSN 1142: Main room where presenter is located
  • LWSN 3102: Remote viewing room with AV projection

This setup uses three computers:

  • LWSN 1142 workstation: Main login happens here. Becomes meeting “Host”.
  • LWSN 1142 laptop in back of room: Video camera and wireless mic plug into laptop. Laptop joins meeting as “Guest” with presenter's name.
  • LWSN 3102 workstation: AV from this computer is projected to the remote audience present. Join meeting as “Guest” with, e.g., “LWSN 3102” as name.

Advance Setup

  1. Schedule the meeting by logging in to Only non-default setting is “Access: Anyone who has the URL can enter the meeting room”.
  2. Set any necessary permissions to allow others to host the meeting (default is meeting creator). Permission required at time of meeting.
  3. Make a note of the MEETING_NAME (“r[0-9]+” or custom name you assign) for configuring the laptop and secondary room connections.

At Laptop and Video Camera in Rear of Main Room

  1. Configure Sony HDR-1 video camera for DV output and 4×3 format. Plug 4-pin firewire cable into laptop.
  2. Plug microphone receiver into “line in” on laptop. (We cannot use audio over firewire from the camera, it is broken under Windows.)
  3. Login to laptop (use Connect account).
  4. Launch IE and visit Login (for best results, use an account that is a meeting “Host”). Adobe Connect Pro application should launch.
  5. Override logged in name in the Attendee List with the speaker's name. (This name is what will show on the video window.)
  6. Configure audio: Meeting/Manage My Settings/Audio Setup Wizard… Select “Line In” device.
  7. Configure video: Meeting/Manage My Settings/Select Camera…
  8. Select Start camera (in lower left corner of video pod). Check that audio is also transmitting.
  9. Confirm “Full Screen” options in lower right corner of presentation window: “Presenter's changes affect everybody” OFF, “Enable Full Screen toggle for participants” ON.
  10. Close chat window if no longer needed (it will display at secondary viewing room).

At Workstation in Front of Main Room

  1. Login to presentation workstation.
  2. Launch IE and visit Login (use an account with at least “Presenter” permissions). Adobe Connect Pro application should launch.
  3. Select Share/Documents/Select from my computer… Find and upload the speaker's PowerPoint presentation file.
  4. Select Full screen button (lower right of presentation window). Verify that arrow keys and/or wireless controller advance the presentation.

At Workstation in Remote Viewing Room

  1. Login to workstation (use Presentation account).
  2. Launch IE and visit Login as Guest, using descriptive name (e.g., “LWSN 3102”). Adobe Connect Pro application should launch.
  3. Maximize Adobe Connect Pro application (either F11 or Meeting/Manage My Settings/Full Screen). Adjust volume.
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