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 +===== Issues to be Addressed (5/4/09) =====
 +  * Adjust wireless mic gain to avoid distortion problems (e.g., for loud presenter). ​ Having the presenter wear a room mic could actually help this problem by permitting the presenter to speak in a normal voice rather than projecting for the entire room. 
 +  * Visible mouse cursor on presenter station--make it disappear?​ 
 +  * Possible to suppress chat popups on presenter station? 
 +  * Need to include mic(s) for audience questions. 
 +  * Mute mic before presenter begins. 
 +  * Permit remote questions (need to block chat popups or use alternative channel)? 
 +  * Are there more lights than necessary in the audio rack? 
 +  * Turn off the screen saver on the presenter station.
 ===== Advance Setup ===== ===== Advance Setup =====
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