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-====== Android Programming Workshop ​-- Local Arrangements ​======+====== ​Purdue Community Sites for Android Programming Workshop ======
-Interested in Java programming on an Android phone? ​ O'​Reilly is sponsoring an online tutorial workshop:+  * Google Group: [[http://​​group/​purdue-android-programming]] 
 +  * Google Code: [[http://​​p/​purdue-android-programming/​]] 
 +====== Android Programming Workshop — Purdue Local Arrangements ====== 
 +Interested in Java programming on the Android phone? ​ O'​Reilly is sponsoring an online tutorial workshop:
   * [[http://​​androidapps-java/​|Developing Android Applications with Java]] \\   * [[http://​​androidapps-java/​|Developing Android Applications with Java]] \\
   * Instructor: Tony Hillerson   * Instructor: Tony Hillerson
-  * Tuesdays at 2:00 EST, February 9-March ​9, 2010+  * Tuesdays at 2:00 EST, February 9-March ​16, 2010 
 +I am arranging a "local viewing party" to watch the sessions live and offer help, answer questions, and provide additional material as necessary. ​ I will have a limited number of Android G1 phones to try out (you can also use the emulator).
 Local (Purdue) viewing: Local (Purdue) viewing:
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   * LWSN B158   * LWSN B158
-I will set up in LWSN B158 to watch the sessions live and offer helpanswer questionsand provide additional material as necessary I will have a limited number ​of Android ​G1 phones to try out (you can also use the emulator).+If you are interested ​in participating,​ register at the site above and let [[mailto:​|me]] know (so I can make sure we have enough room). ​ If you miss the first sessionthat's probably OK--we can catch you up. 
 +Tim Korb 
 +====== Preparing for the Workshop ====== 
 +If you do not have an account on the CS machinessend me [[mailto:​|email]]. 
 +If you have a laptop, you may want to use it rather than one of the lab machines. ​ You'll need the Java SDK, the Android ​SDK, Eclipse, and the Android Development Tools (ADT). 
 +  * http://​​downloads/​ (get eclipse-java-galileo-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz) 
 +  * http://​​sdk/​index.html 
 +If you can come early for at least the first day (today), it will help getting started. ​ I'll plan to be in the lab at 1:30. 
 +====== First Command Line Application ======
-If you are interested in participating,​ register at the site above and let [[mailto:​|me]] know (so I can make sure we have enough room).+<​code>​ 
 +% cd to a directory of your choice 
 +% android create project --target 2 --path ​./FirstApp --activity FirstApp --package apt.tutorial 
 +% cd FirstApp 
 +% android & 
 +...create an Android AVD... 
 +% ant install 
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