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-  * B: [[http://​​pg.php?​page=downloadproblem&​probid=110108&​format=html|Australian Voting]]+===== Australian Voting Wrap-Up ====== 
 +One of your teammates got started on the [[http://​​pg.php?​page=downloadproblem&​probid=110108&​format=html|Australian Voting]] 
 +problem, then suddenly had to leave for band practice. ​ You've been left holding the bag, but he did leave you a [[contest_australian_voting_skeleton|skeleton]] chunk of code that is a good start on the solution. ​  
 +Your task is finish the Election class to complete the program. ​ Note that all I/O is done in the Solution class, the Election class just manages the data and computes the results. ​ You should only need to modify the Election class to get a working solution.
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