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 ====== Facebook Open Academy ====== ====== Facebook Open Academy ======
-===== Available Projects =====+{{ :​foa.png?​200|}}New for the spring 2014 semester at Purdue: Computer Science juniors and seniors can enroll in a course to participate in the Facebook Open Academy. ​ Join students from 21 other universities to learn about the world of open source software development. ​ You choose from a set of open source projects (see below), are paired with a professional software mentor, and dig in to making a contribution. ​ The course includes an intensive long weekend in California to work face-to-face with your teammates and mentor. 
 +Here is a [[https://​​s/​jdzsubibnlh1yfe/​jtk-flier.pdf|flier]] about the course and some recent [[http://​​2013/​11/​13/​facebook-partners-with-22-universities-to-give-compsci-students-academic-credit-for-open-source-projects|publicity]]. 
 +To participate you must be a junior or senior in CS (having completed CS 25200). ​ Browse the set of projects below and send your rank-ordered choice of five projects to [[mailto:​|me]]. ​ Notification of acceptance will be sent by December 9, 2013. 
 +//Note: This course is available for Software Engineering Senior Project credit. ​ Please see [[mailto:​|Prof. Dunsmore]], if you are interested in this option.// 
 +====== Purdue Course Schedule ====== 
 +|November 20|Release of open source projects (see list below)| 
 +|December 9|Applications for course admission (including project choices) due; sent to Open Academy organizers| 
 +|Late December|Students are assigned to projects and are introduced to their mentors| 
 +|Late December/​Early January|Students receive a 1-2 page "how to prepare to work on this project"​ document from mentors| 
 +|January 13|Students begin formal work at start of semester| 
 +|February 7-9|Kickoff event at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California| 
 +|March/​April|Virtual project showcase (format TBA)| 
 +|May 9|Grades submitted/​classes conclude| 
 +====== Projects Involving Purdue Students (Spring 2014) ====== 
 +|[[https://​​anonymous/​7458828|Mozilla Firefox O/​S]]|[[mailto:​|Justin Imel]]\\ [[mailto:​|Jun Xiang Tee]]|[[mailto:​|Stephany Wilkes]]\\ [[mailto:​|Michael Henretty]]|[[https://​​orgs/​Firefox-OS-OpenAcademy]]| 
 +|[[https://​​s3u/​7348242|OpenStack]]|[[mailto:​|Deen Liu]]\\ [[mailto:​|Yu Si]]|[[mailto:​|Subbu Allamaraju]]|https://​​OpenAcademy-OpenStack/​nova-simulator/​tree/​develop| 
 +|[[http://​|WaterBear]]|[[mailto:​|Clyde Byrd]]\\ [[mailto:​|Tyler Hoffman]]|[[mailto:​|Dethe Elza]]| 
 +====== Available Projects ​======
 Click on project title to see description. Click on project title to see description.
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   * [[https://​​UCOSPOA-Project-Description-yHVFckqbmwM|Review Board]]   * [[https://​​UCOSPOA-Project-Description-yHVFckqbmwM|Review Board]]
-Original course flyer is [[https://​​s/​2h1a2052046dbd2/​jtk-flier.pdf|here]]. 
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