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Ground Rules

  1. Generic course policies are given at Prof. Spafford's Course Polices page.
  2. Weekly attendance is required.
  3. No specific outside homework is planned, but you are encouraged to read through the weekly chapter before each class.
  4. When solving problems…
    • Course requirement: Discussions are fine, but write your own code.
    • Contest requirement: Using books (especially the text) is OK, but no web searching (for class use, it is OK to search language reference materials).

One-Time Setup

  1. Buy the book: Skiena & Revilla, Programming Challenges.
  2. Join Facebook group: Competitive Programming.
  3. Join both robot judging websites:
  4. Set up directory directory structure and programming environment:
    • Use one directory for each problem (named, e.g., by the problem number).
    • Choose C, C++, or Java.
    • Programs read from stdin and write to stdout. For Java, use the Scanner class for input (arcane setup at Programming Challenges site is not needed).

Weekly Schedule

  1. Skim current chapter.
  2. Discuss chapter-of-the-week concepts.
  3. Solve problems:
    • Get problem list from Programming Challenges site.
    • Submit at UVA Online Judge site for accuracy in judging.
    • Submit final solution to Programming Challenges site.
  4. Discuss solutions.
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