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Many of these items came from SIGCSE 2010.

  • Nifty Assignments source.
  • Nifty assignments from Tom Murtagh: Weaving CS into CS1.
  • ACM Java Library
  • Box Game: Sorting moving colored dots into correct half.
  • Intel Smoke demo
  • Visual Learning
    • Gonick cartoon guide
    • The FORTRAN coloring book
    • Computing Portal site
    • No one right answer: Greep, Battleship, Blackjack simulation
    • “Don't be a Google story.”
    • Gallery/quilt of project results.
    • GWAP games.
  • Concurrency Session
    • ConcJunit works with DrJava for unit testing of concurrent programs.
    • Example programs: multithreaded breakout, increment shared counter, breakout (from SIGCSE 2006 nifty assignments).
    • Event-based programming textbook from Kim B. Bruce, Andrea Pohoreckyj Danyluk, and Thomas P. Murtagh.
    • More examples: pong, boxball, frogger.
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