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Northern Lights information from Zach Tatlock, 1/12/08…

I'm attaching a hacked way to drive the boards from the current new NL. It is ugly, but uses the same mechanism as the old NL, so will work modulo changes that Mike has made to hardware.

As I left things, all you should need to do (to run to old development board) is attach the parallel port to a PC and then:

$ cd hack_nl/
$ vim # change the size of Pat.SIZE to the # of transformers
$ make
$ ./gen_c_driver
$ sudo ./C_DRIVER/drive

Note that you might have to find the correct “io.h” to include (in C_DRIVER/HEADER). On my Ubuntu system, it's “sys/io.h”. On my old Slackware box it's “asm/io.h”.

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