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 +====== Northern Lights Status ======
 +The Northern Lights are currently off, pending installation of permanent electrical power and fixing other code-compliance issues. ​ We don't yet when this work will be completed. ​ (There are also some technical problems with the control system itself, but those problems will not be addressed until the installation is completed.)
 ====== Efficient Viewing of the Northern Lights ====== ====== Efficient Viewing of the Northern Lights ======
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 From Mike Miller, 3/3/08... From Mike Miller, 3/3/08...
 +===== Block Diagram =====
 {{nl-small.png|Block diagram}} {{nl-small.png|Block diagram}}
 +===== Wiring Diagram =====
 {{nl-small.jpg|Wiring diagram}} {{nl-small.jpg|Wiring diagram}}
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