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 ====== Using the EVE Online API ====== ====== Using the EVE Online API ======
-  ​Web2Py OAuth [[https://​​jtkorb/​5f7577d9510348d90d715ff47b7586ff|module]] to authenticate with EVE Online.  Details coming soon (faster, if you [[|let me know]] you're interested).+<WRAP important>​\\ ​**Under construction!**</​WRAP>​ 
 +===== Useful Documentation and Necessary Websites ===== 
 +  * Third-party documentation [[https://​​en/​latest/​sso/​intro.html|site]] 
 +  * Main EVE Developers'​ [[https://​​|site]] (get application credentials here) 
 +  * EVE Technology and Research Center [[https://​​default.aspx?​g=topics&​f=263|forums]] 
 +===== Additions to Web2Py to Support Access to the EVE Online API ===== 
 +  * Add a Web2Py OAuth [[https://​​jtkorb/​5f7577d9510348d90d715ff47b7586ff|module]] to the models directory (alphabetically after  Details coming soon (faster, if you [[|let me know]] you're interested)
 +  * For convenience,​ add ''​~/​python/​bin''​ to path (in, for example, ''​.bash_profile''​). 
 +  * Install additional Python modules needed by Web2Py to support the EVE Online API (be sure to install using pip in virtualenv):​ 
 +  source python/​bin/​activate 
 +  pip install requests 
 +  pip install bravado ​     # some effort to fully install; needed to --force-reinstall 
 +  pip install functools32 ​ # should have been installed automatically with bravado 
 +  pip install pytz         # to use the timezone utility for local conversions 
 +===== Other Notes ===== 
 +  * EVE Swagger Interface (ESI) API [[https://​​news/​dev-blogs/​introducing-esi/​|announcement]] and [[https://​​blog/​article/​introducing-the-esi-api|blog post]] 
 +  * Bravado, a Python implementation of Swagger, [[http://​​en/​latest/​|documentation]] 
 +  * Live ESI [[https://​​latest/​|documentation]] 
 +  * Tricks to access the EVE Online [[https://​​default.aspx?​g=posts&​t=507582|wallet]] 
 +  * Python ''​requests''​ module [[http://​​en/​master/​|documentation]] 
 +  * Currently using [[http://​​docs/​|tablesorter]] to create sortable HTML tables.
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