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Using the EVE Online API

Under construction!

Useful Documentation and Necessary Websites

  • Third-party documentation site
  • Main EVE Developers' site (get application credentials here)
  • EVE Technology and Research Center forums

Additions to Web2Py to Support Access to the EVE Online API

  • Add a Web2Py OAuth module to the models directory (alphabetically after Details coming soon (faster, if you let me know you're interested).
  • For convenience, add ~/python/bin to path (in, for example, .bash_profile).
  • Install additional Python modules needed by Web2Py to support the EVE Online API (be sure to install using pip in virtualenv):
pip install requests
pip install bravado      # some effort to fully install; needed to --force-reinstall
pip install functools32  # should have been installed automatically with bravado
pip install pytz         # to use the timezone utility for local conversions

Other Notes

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