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Weekly Contest for August 30, 2011

One-Time Setup

From your lab workstation, use these commands to get started…

 % mkdir pc2
 % cp -p /homes/cs390cp/pc2/pc2v9.ini pc2

Join the Contest

 % cd pc2
 % /homes/cs390cp/pc2/bin/pc2team &

Log in using your individually assigned “teamX” account and password. You can work in the current window/directory, creating a subdirectory for each problem.


If you've already solved one or more of these problems, try (1) solving again without referring to your old solution, and/or (2) using a different language (Java or C++). If you want to work on an additional problem from this chapter, let me know.


  • A: The main steps during each “round” of the voting are to (1) compute the number of votes for top-ranked candidates (skipping candidates that have been eliminated), (2) find maximum and minimum number of votes received by each of the top-ranked candidates, and (3) if there is no one with a majority of the votes (and there is no tie), remove candidates with minimum number of votes.
  • B: Array.sort is your friend.
  • C: A single array to count each of the possible differences is all it takes.
  • D: Use this problem to get started on the next one.
  • E: The solution is not long, but requires a fair amount of bookkeeping. Using objects to represent teams is one way to manage the storage.
  • F: More tedious than anything. Good parsing practice.
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