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JUnit Testing in Project 3

Here are three JUnit classes to do unit testing on the Project 3 classes WordNode, WordList, and HashList.

To use these classes, download them to your Project 3 source directory and launch them as JUnit test classes. (How you do this depends on your IDE and environment.)

For example, from the command line on Lore (or the MC cluster), you can use the javat command located in the /homes/cs190m/student_bin directory (which should be in your path). The javat command is just a short shell script that sets the CLASSPATH environment variable, compiles the given test class, and uses the JUnit TestRunner class to run it:

CLASSPATH=".:/homes/cs190m/lib/junit-4.5.jar"; export CLASSPATH
javac $
java junit.textui.TestRunner $1

Then, to run these three tests, you would type (at the UNIX command line prompt):

$ javat WordNodeTest
$ javat WordListTest
$ javat HashListTest

These three test cases report no errors when run against my version of Project 3, but I may have made some assumptions that you didn't. If you have questions, a suggestion, or find a mistake in this process, please send me email.

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