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Muse Brain-Sensing Headband with the Processing Language

This page describes how to use Processing to access data generated by the Muse headband.

  1. Download and install Processing 3.
  2. In Processing, go to Tools > Add Tool > Libraries. Search for and install both oscP5 and ControlP5.
  3. Download the OSC Data Monitor. This website has useful videos and explanations about OSC and the monitor tool.
  4. Unzip the downloaded archive and move the OSC_Data_Monitor folder from the Processing Source folder into your Processing sketchbook folder (typically, Documents/Processing).
  5. Back in Processing, open OSC_Data_Monitor/OSC_Data_Monitor. Press Play.
  6. You might get a few errors, but watch for the GUI window to pop up. Note the IP address given in the upper left corner, e.g.,
  7. Turn on and wear your Muse headband.
  8. Launch the Muse Direct app (you'll need to be in either the free trial period or have paid for the subscription).
  9. In the Muse Direct app, select and connect to your headband. The graphs should pop up.
  10. Go to the hamburger menu (in the upper left corner) and select “Streaming”.
    1. Change the OSC Prefix to something that starts with a “/”, e.g., “/petronio”.
    2. Set the IP address to the IP address of your laptop you noted earlier.
    3. Change the Port to 8000.
    4. Click to Enable OSC Streaming.
  11. Return to the OSC Data Monitor app in Processing. You should see data streaming in. You can use the filters to control what you see.
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