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Rules that OnePurdue Uses to Determine Password Expiration

Here is a brief explanation of who (by role) must reset their password every 120 days vs. every 30 days. The intent is that most Purdue faculty will “only” (!) need to reset their passwords every 120 days.

From Gary Yates, application development lead for the OnePurdue project, 2/20/08…

If a person only has the three basic roles HR280_000_EMPLOYEE_SELF_SERVICE, R3:COMMON_ALL_USERS, and TV200_000_TRAVELLER, then their password expiration period is 120 days.

If they have any other role then their password expiration period is 30 days.

Any person can view their roles in the portal. Go to: System Info»User Info»ECC User Info. Enter your career account in the User field and click display. In the resulting view, click the roles tab. If anything shows up besides the above three roles, then your password will expire every 30 days. I am not sure if SRM roles also affect this, but you can also check your SRM roles in the portal in the same location as above.

In theory, most faculty will only have the three basic roles, but that is not a guarantee.

Also, you get three grace logins once your password expires. The portal warns you on the home page when you are nearing your password expiration and when you are using grace logins. However, with the reporting mechanism if users click the link in the email to jump directly to the report, they will not see the message and may not realize their password will expire soon. To see the message, they need to return to the Home tab in the portal.

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