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CS 39000-CPC: Competitive Programming in China

This course is a special edition of my competitive_programming_2011 course, except in a Maymester format with more lecture/discussion and leveraging off the course location at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Development of strategies, techniques, and skills used in competitive programming contests. Topics include problem solving and programming techniques and algorithms. The course will meet daily for three weeks, May 9-27, 2011, and consist of 2-3 hours of lecture/discussion followed by 2-3 hours of lab practice. There will be frequent contests. Interaction with our hosts at Tsinghua University will be encouraged. (Tsinghua students are among the best competitors in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition.)

There will be plenty of opportunity to participate in local cultural events and activities while in China, including at least three planned excursions.

Credit: 3 hours. Prerequisite: CS 25100 (Data Structures).

Textbook: Programming Challenges, Steven S. Skiena and Miguel Revilla, Springer, 2003 (ISBN 978-0387001630).

Steps to Enroll in Competitive Programming in China:

  1. Apply through the Study Abroad website (course number SA 10801).
  2. Fill out the Participation and Deposit Form and bring your deposit to the CS Business Office as indicated on the form.

If you are in need of special accommodations based on a disability, please let us know.

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