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Weekly Contest for October 14-15, 2010

The contest this week is a team contest. One workstation per team. Divide up the problems, one per person. Solve, fight over workstation, collaborate on algorithms, code reviews, and debugging.

The contest server is on From a departmental UNIX machine, use this command to get started…

 % (cd /homes/jtk/pc2; bin/pc2team)


  • Team 1: Ben, Hearson, Winthan
  • Team 2: Derek, Yuedong
  • Team 3: Emily, John L
  • Team 4: Abram, John B, Tim
  • Team 5: Alex, Eric, Dylan



  • A: Recursive walk of the graph will do. Use a marker to keep track of nodes you've already visited.
  • B: Tricky. Use Dijkstra's (or possibly Floyd's) algorithm multiple times.
  • C: Dynamic programming. Sort and find recurrence. (Actually, simple iteration works, too.)
  • D: Dynamic programming. Use recursive divide and conquer trying each possible initial slice in turn.
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