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Present at meeting:

  • Christiane Michel
  • Christine
  • Hélène Kassel, head of computer science, in charge of undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Alexander Piraner, student services

Computer Science department is small: six permanent faculty, but have a number of adjunct faculty.

“Accredited Master Degrees in Information Technology and Management”

Private, non-profit institution established in 1936. Pulled other institutions together for Shanghai rankings. Tuition is 7500 euros/year.

1200 students; 300 masters degrees awarded per year.

Engineering degree is five years. Follows European Bologna Process: three-year bachelor cycle + two-year master cycle.

Master's program specializes in software engineering, telecommunications and networks, robotics, images and virtual reality, and computer science and finance.

Heavy entrepreneurial and business/applied focus.

In addition to semester exchange programs, they also have one-week visits (in March, close to Purdue spring break) and month-long studies (in March or June).

Internships in Paris possible for international (e.g., US) students.

Cost of living: housing 450 euros, food 200 euros, transportation 50 euros, miscellaneous 150 euros = 850 euros/month.

Course catalog links:

Graduate courses taught in French (largely).

Bologna Process Agreement means standardized course load is 30 credits per semester.

Professional experience is expected as part of degree program. 3rd year includes an international program for three months. San Jose State is one of the destinations (hosting 30 students this year).

Christiane Michel met Andy Gillespie at international programs conference in Spain last year (before Andy left Purdue).

French language program is available for undergraduates. Most courses are taught in French, so significant fluency is required on arrival. Courses taught in English include AI and compilers. Some masters programs are entirely in English. They have many international students who do not speak French, but speak English as a second language.

Big focus on entrepreneurship stressed again. Have internships and job fairs for their students. Social life includes student clubs and organizations. Compete in and have won Imagine Cup. Also winners in SIFE (Students for Free Enterprise),

They have small classes and lots of individual attention for international students.

Other US connections to University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Western Illinois (stagnate?), and Stony Brook.

Their one-month summer program is focused on team projects and language skills.

International graduate students are mostly from China and India (would like more US students).

Stony Brook gives six credits (3 language/culture + 3 management) for the one month program.

Contacts at afternoon session:

  • Fatiha Gas
  • Hélène Kassel
  • Benoit C.
  • Nicola F., image processing
  • Nicola S., software engineering
  • Sedrick, robotics ad AI

Nicola F.: NaI2 project, multitouch EMNA-3D environment, 3D interactions via 2D touch, multitouch environment needed. Projects onto glass.

Nicola S.: parallel data mining, performance goals, detection of gradual patterns to recognize long term effects.

Majic project. Aggregation of audio contacts. Location aware applications, e.g., in museums.

AI for robotics. NAO project. Machine learning. Learning by demonstration. Difficulties with many (e.g., 40+) sensors (e.g., on Japanese robots).

Christiane's contacts at Amherst: Regina Jones (international programs), Pat Vekbus (international student advisor).

Additional Notes from Christiane Michel

Purdue Undergraduate students are welcome to:

  • Attend the Iweek program (run by our students the 2nd week of March). You should get the details and invitation in the Fall
  • Attend the Undergraduate Summer School program in the month of June (see attached, the program leaflet and last June program's timetable)
  • Attend EFREI as an exchange student for one or two semesters (coursework and/or research work; industrial internships are also possible)

All the options above would not include any tuition fees! I also attach our academic calendar for you to have more details about beginning and ends of our semesters; Of course students are welcome to join us as degree seeking student!

EFREI 5th year Graduate students would be interested in:

  • Attending classes and/or doing research work at Purdue for one or 2 semesters (They would be expected to pay fees at EFREI and therefore, they would not want to pay extra fees for an exchange program)
  • Registering at Purdue for one year and study towards a second Master degree. In that case, they would be expected to pay fees at both insitutions. (They would have to do a one semester long/six months internship following the coursework at Purdue in order to validate their French Engineering Degree. This scheme might interest students who intend to work in the USA.
  • Our graduate students might also be interested in doing an intership in the USA through the Purdue industrial network.

I forgot to mention that some of our French Engineering students are also interested in getting dual degree in Management. I don't know if the Business school at Purdue might be interested in that. There again, the students would pay fees.

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