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Steps to Sign Up for a Facebook Account

  1. Visit (you should be able to use most any browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  2. On the right hand side is a green Sign Up button. Click on that.
  3. The next screen prompts you for this information…
    • Full Name: Type your name however you want it to appear (for example, I use “Tim Korb”, not the my complete “John Timothy Korb”). Include your maiden name if you want, but don't use parens or quotes.
    • I am: Choose a category like “at a company”; “none of the above” works fine, too.
    • Email: Your email address, probably the one you use with the list.
    • Create Password: Choose a password, probably different from your email password, although it doesn't really matter. Facebook wants you to choose a strong password. An eight-character combination of upper and lower case letters and digits will do, but you can get by with a weaker password.
    • Date of Birth: If you are uncomfortable revealing your exact date and/or year, then use an approximation. Facebook probably wouldn't agree to this approach, but I recommend it for those who don't like to reveal their age. The site has restrictions for those under 18 and is not available for those under 13, so they at least have to ask. Note that within Facebook you can block others from seeing this information. More on privacy below.
    • Security Check: Type the funny looking text in the box to prove you're a human and not a computer. This captcha is designed to prevent people from writing programs that automatically create thousands of accounts, e.g., for spamming. Computer programs, as powerful as they are, are not able to recognize the words in the box nearly as well as a human being.
  4. Press Sign Up Now. You'll be taken to a page to Confirm Your Email Address.
  5. Within a few moments you will receive an email message with instructions, including a link to click that takes you back to Facebook. Click on that link–or copy it into a browser window. The link contains your email address and code that allows Facebook to confirm the email address you specified is correct. If you don’t receive a message, check your spam folder–it might have gotten stored there–or double check that you provided the correct email address when you signed in.
  6. Next is the four-step (final!) signup process.
    1. Confirm Friends: This step is optional–one or more people may have asked to be your friend (e.g., me!). Click Confirm, Ignore, or Skip to move on. If you skip now, you can always become friends later.
    2. Find Friends Already on Facebook: I recommend skipping this step. Facebook is offering to invite all the people in your electronic address book to join Facebook. Nice of them, but rather invasive. You can always invite them later.
    3. Fill out your Profile Info: Skip or fill out as you feel. You can always fill out or change later, but you probably will want to include your high school and year. (Although that is not the same as joining the group. See below.)
    4. Join a Network. Again, optional. It allows you to be linked up with people in your geographical area.
  7. OK, now you're in! Congratulations! You can now begin exploring Facebook.
  8. The one remaining (important!) task is to join the Arcadia group. If you see a Requests area in the upper right corner of your screen, click the button in it to see what you've been asked to do (probably be my friend and/or join the group). If you don't see it, then go to the Search window in the upper left corner and type “scottsdale arcadia high” and press Enter. That should be unambiguous enough to take you to a page with our group on it (full name “Scottsdale Arcadia High School Class of 1970”). Click View Group, then Request to Join Group. Soon you'll be among friends!


A few notes on privacy in Facebook.

  • The main rule: If you absolutely don't want anyone to know something about you, don't enter it on Facebook! (A simple rule!)
  • Your Facebook “Friends” can see whatever is on your Profile page. You can control what is visible there in two ways: (1) when you edit your Profile information (the edit button appears to the right of the Profile button at the top of the screen), and (2) by clicking on the privacy button at the top right of your screen (where it says home account privacy logout). For example, you can hide your birth date and email address, if you want.
  • Your friends can also see your comments made on mutual friend's pictures, posts on Walls, and replies to group invitations.
  • People in the group can see anything you post to the group, obviously.
  • Private messages between you and someone else (i.e., sent through your Inbox) are private (not visible to others).
  • If you joined a Network (e.g., “Phoenix, AZ”), then others in that network may be able to see some of your Profile settings, too. You might want to look at the privacy page to see if you're comfortable with the settings.
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