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  • Griffins: Derek, Hearson, Yuedong
  • ?: Ben, Emily, John L
  • ?: Abram, John B, Tim
  • ?: Alex, Eric, Dylan, Winthan (alternate)

Who's Driving and Who Needs Letters?

Drivers: Alex, Dylan, Eric

Letters needed: Alex, Dylan, Hearson, John B.

Update Sent 9/28/10

The Chicago site is full, so our request to participate in the Mid-Central region has been denied. We will remain in the ECNA region this year and compete in Cincinnati on October 23rd.

THE GOOD NEWS: We have permission to send four teams! We have 11 registered in the course, so we have room for everyone. I know the Griffins (Derek, Hearson, and Yuedong) have teamed up. The rest of you should form teams now and let me know (team name and three members). For the Friday morning group, don't forget that Ben (Goosman) is available from the Thursday section. We have two unregistered participants who may also be available (Abram and Winthan).

It will be a fun and exciting trip! Here is the 1.5 day schedule:

October 22: Around 1:00 pm, gather in the Lawson lobby for pictures and send off. Leave for Cincinnati at 1:30 pm. Light dinner enroute. Register at hotel in Cincinnati. Attend orientation session (including pizza) that evening at the University of Cincinnati.

October 23: Breakfast of champions at the hotel, checkout. Be onsite by 9:00 am. Contest starts at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Attend wrap up/awards session. Leave around 4:00 pm. Celebration dinner enroute. Return to campus between 9 and 10 pm.

If you need a letter to get out of class on Friday afternoon, October 22nd, let me know.

We need two main drivers and two backup drivers. Purdue requires one week lead time to verify the eligibility of all student drivers, so we'll need to identify who is driving fairly soon.


PS. We will still have a local practice contest, probably in the week following October break. I'll send out a scheduling announcement in a later message.

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