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System Installation


  1. Download icypc.jar from (“Game binary (zip download)”).
  2. Download JOGL (Java for OpenGL) library:

An alternative (but overkill):

For Ladder Web Server Installation

  1. Assumes Python 2.6 installed.
  2. Download and install Django.
  3. Use ssh-keygen to create key for access to sources on github (for write access).
  4. Clone source from github (
  5. Follow instructions in README file (copy and update).
  6. Create database tables with % ./ syncdb. Create admin account (e.g., cs390cp) with password choice.
  7. Launch web server: ''% ./ runserver'.

For 3D Viewing of Trace Files

  1. Download appropriate version of JOGL (Java for OpenGL) library.
  2. Add the icypc.jar file and these four JOGL .jar files to the CLASSPATH, e.g., by setting these variables in ~/.bashrc:
    • typeset -x DIR=${HOME}/jogl-2.0-pre-20101104-macosx-universal/lib
    • typeset -x ICYPC=${HOME}/icypc/icypc.jar
    • typeset -x CLASSPATH=${ICYPC}:${DIR}/jogl.all.jar:${DIR}/nativewindow.all.jar:${DIR}/gluegen-rt.jar:${DIR}/newt.all.jar
  3. Add OS-specific environment variable that points to the JOGL directory (DIR above)
    • MacOS: typeset -x DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${DIR}
    • Linux/Solaris: typeset -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${DIR}
    • Windows: Include %DIR% in PATH.
  4. Create a trace file and view it in 3D:
% java -jar ~/icypc/icypc.jar -player java java_example.Hunter -player java java_example.Planter -view trace x.txt
% java icpc.challenge.view.TracePlayer -view 3D -trace x.txt
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