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Meeting attendees (incomplete information):

  • Julienne, technical university (IUT:
  • Stella, technical university (?), in charge of 2nd year license program
  • Ilyana, technical university
  • Cathy Ann, technical university, international relations in computing department
  • Rutger Noot, head of combined computer science and mathematics division
  • Pascal Schreck, head of computer science department within math/cs
  • Gabrielle, computer science

Presentation given by Rutger in English using French PowerPoint slides.

Explanation of French university system (details elsewhere). Three year L1-L3 program, followed by two year masters M1-M2 program, followed (optionally) by four year doctoral program.

Three universities combined to form University of Strasbourg. 48,000 students, 2000+ faculty, 35 license-degree programs.

University of Strasbourg college of science was the first to use the Shanghai classification system.

Last 1/2 year of masters program is spent in a research lab.

Alternative paths include a two year technical degree, followed optionally by a third year professional license.

University L1-L3 students have 20-22 contact hours per week (includes lectures, recitations, and labs). Technical degree program is more rigid: 32 hours per week contact and attendance required.

There are multiple entry points into the system, including a two-year prep-school generally taken in a high school (following the high school baccalaureate degree).

Every course in their program is taught every semester.

Semesters run September through mid January and February through mid June (including three weeks of finals).

Preference for our (Purdue) students would likely be spring semester to allow holidays in the US and not have to return for finals in January, and to be back on the Purdue campus for the start of the spring semester. Only problem with spring semester will be internships: they couldn't start until late June.

All courses taught in French. Consultation and help available in English.

Three masters degrees: graphics, software engineering, and network and embedded systems.

The technical program is very applied, including network administration.

Bachelor's degree starts with mostly math and physics courses in year one, choose math or computer science in year two. Typical split is 50/50.

Programming languages taught: ML (using Objective Caml) and C (both in first year). English language instruction required for French students. Other courses taught in first two years: computer literacy, linear algebra and calculus, physics, study skills, computer history and applications, algorithms and data structures, development tools (Eclipse), complexity, applied linear algebra, computer architecture (double credit).

Dorms cost 150-200 euros/month; a flat costs 250-300 euros/month. Dorm space is available to exchange students. 30 euros per month for telephone and television service (including unlimited calling to US).

Exchange agreement with Purdue recently renewed (signed by Brian Harley in June 2010).

Registration deadline is in October for spring semester.

Org chart of Mathematics and Computer Science department:

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