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Meeting with Lyn Lawrance, including Liz Treacy Bascunan, Rob Jarman (director of undergraduate programs in engineering), Wayne Brookes (associate dean of engineering and information technology).

Engineering and Information Technology are separate groups reporting to the same dean (Mark Bradford).

Googling the course numbers with school prefix works well to find course materials.

IT for them means business computing. Software engineering is in both schools.

There is no compiler course (“most businesses don't need students to write compilers or be familiar with the concepts”).

They emphasize programming with patterns.

IT is a three-year program; Engineering is a four-year program.

Java taught in first course.

Graphics courses have some fundamental on building systems, but then use Maya and other tools. Some students are employed in the special effects business.

Four subjects is a full load. Expectation is that more work is required outside class (e.g., than for US courses). They use 12 hours as time estimate for courses, rather than 9.

Exchange students are assessed by UTS before coming, to determine meeting of prerequisites. There are some courses not available to study abroad students. Since not all courses are offered each semester and there may be other difficulties, students are advised to choose 6-8 courses, so that four are likely to be approved.

UTS has an orientation program for exchange students. Exchange may be one or two semesters. European schools are migrating toward longer exchange programs (e.g., full year).

Housing is a problem, but they are building more rapidly. Suburban trains terminate across the street. Chinatown is nearby. Backpackers are widely used for pre-housing. Students don't need to have housing nailed down before arrival. City tours help students find housing.

A draw for Purdue and other similar schools: Foreign students are searching for the “authentic American experience”. Purdue, small college town, marching band, etc. offers this experience. Purdue co-rec is “fabulous” by their standards. Another big draw for Purdue is international reputation of faculty (Spafford and Comer specifically mentioned).

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