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Contest for October 25, 2012

The competition today will be using PC^2 and a set of “authentic” ICPC problems. You will be working in three-person teams, not as individuals. Each team will get one hardcopy problem set (just like in the regionals).

Two important rules for this competition:

  • Each team has access to only one workstation. No one else is to be logged in. (Attendance points will be handled manually today.)
  • You may use the Internet only to access standard language documentation (e.g., the C++ STL and the Java libraries).

For those of you competing in the Cincinnati regionals, you have your team assignments already. For everyone else, just form a team. Each team should have three people–if a team member is absent, recruit a substitute–it is important that you get the “team experience” for this competition.

Below is the reminder of how to set up and use PC^2 on your lab workstation.

Student Notes for Competing Using PC^2

  1. One time only: copy /homes/cs390cp/pc2/pc2v9.ini to your local directory somewhere (e.g., ~/pc2).
  2. Change into the directory where your pc2v9.ini file is located.
  3. Launch pc2: /homes/cs390cp/pc2/bin/pc2team &
  4. Log in using the team name and password assigned to your team.
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